High School Ministry Application 

Thank you for applying to the High School ministry here at CCCH. In an effort to provide a safe, encouraging, God glorifying environment for our students, below are some requirements that must be completed before you will be considered for this ministry. 

Ÿ  An initial interview will need to take place before you may observe the ministry.

  • Vision for Grounded High School Ministry must be read before finishing application. (Found Below)
  • During this interview you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the ministry and it will allow the youth pastor to get to know you.
  • A picture of you will be taken and distributed to the staff.
  • The “Confidential References” are to be given to anyone other than spouses or parents who can give a fair evaluation of you, and need to be returned to the Pastor. You must have 2 confidential reference forms filled out and turned in by the second interview. (Confidential Reference found below)

ŸNext you will need to attend four services and to be in prayer about your involvement in the ministry.

  • During the four services please sit on the back couch and observe only, if a student asks you to pray with them or asks for any other thing, please direct them to another leader in the room (Leaders will be wearing badges).

ŸBefore you have a final interview with the High School pastor you will need to be fingerprinted which will take place at the church at no cost to you. This includes a background check.

ŸOnce you we have received the results of the fingerprint/background check, you have attended four services, and we have received all your paperwork. You will then receive a phone call to schedule a final interview. You will find out during the final interview if you will invited to serve in the High School ministry.

Again, thank you for applying, and we pray that God will show us where you might fit in to the ministry.

If you have any questions please contact Matthew Haynam at Matthewh@calvarycch.org or (909) 393-7100 ext. 2162.

Vision for Grounded: Click Here

Confidential Reference Form: Click Here



Name *
Phone *
Todays date: *
Todays date:
I have read and agree with Vision of Grounded *
We believe it is important for every person involved in ministry to have a solid biblical understanding of important doctrines. in the spaceprovidied below, please state what ypu believe about each subject given. please include scriptural support for each response.
Have you been baptized with water? *
Have you been baptized with Holy Spirit? *
Personal Questions:
Read 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Galatians 5:19-21. (It is not expected that you would be able to get up in front of the High School students to teach a Bible study, but you should be able to explain your faith and give biblical advice.)